Speak It. Feel It. Believe It.

Lately I have come to appreciate the power of positive affirmations. Simply speaking a sentence aloud a few times can change our state of mind. Once we change our state of mind we can start to feel the positive emotion behind our words. When we harness the emotion, our energy shifts and so does our reality.

It seems simple enough. Right?  I promise you it’s worth a try. So I thought I would share a few of my favorite affirmations with the hope of inspiring you. Here goes:

1. There is more than enough time in a day to accomplish all that I want to do.
Think of how many times you have heard yourself say the opposite! The more you say it the more it will be true (this works both ways).

2. I love my body and treat it as the house of my spirit.
I try to say this one before I am about to go to Starbucks, skip yoga, or buy potato chips.

3. I am beautiful.  
Yup! I said it.

4. The world is full of love and opportunity. 
Keep repeating this one while you watch the news. We have to keep believing in love.

5. I am exactly where I am supposed to be.  
You are on the path. Nothing is a mistake.

6. Anything is possible for myself and my life.
I realize this is a big one. Keep saying it. Start believing it.

Try to become aware of your conscious language and start reflecting upon what you are affirming regularly and feel the results!

By - Jackie Mahrou

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